Norwegian Embassy denies presence of Russian special forces in Norway

The Norwegian Embassy in Russia stated that it has no information about the evidence of the presence of Russian special forces in Norway, reports Interfax news agency.

"We do not have any information about the activities of Russian special operations forces in Norway or any evidence of such activities," states the Embassy. 

At the end of September, the Norwegian news outlet Aldrimer reported that Russian special forces had been conducting reconnaissance operations in Norway, especially in Svalbard, citing documents and four intelligence and defense sources from various countries. According to one of its sources, the Russian division “is also well known to NATO from events in Crimea”. The sources observed that the special forces used civilian clothing during their operations in mainland Norway.

The Russian embassy in Norway called the report a fake and “gross provocation” by Aldrimer. “We consider the publication part of systematic work carried out by certain circles in Norway to portray Russia as the enemy,” the diplomatic mission stated.

  Norway, Russia