Norwegian military concerned by Russian T-80BVM tanks deployed near Norway’s borders

The Norwegian army needs new tanks in light of the modernized T-80BVM tanks which Russia has deployed on its border with Norway and Finland, said Lieutenant Colonel Per Espen Strande, Head of Communications for the Norwegian Army, on November 20.

“Modern tanks are an integral part of any reliable army. Both our allies and our potential enemies have been upgrading. This deployment highlights the Norwegian Army’s need for new tanks as quickly as possible,” Norway’s TV 2 channel cites him as saying.

The need to buy new tanks has also been voiced by Commander Eirik Kristoffersen, who suggested that the army purchase 84 tanks, since he believes it needs significant reinforcements.

On November 13, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had finished rearming the tank battalion of the Northern Fleet’s motor rifle brigade with T-80BVM tanks. The combat vehicle is equipped with a 1,250 horsepower engine that can be used under Arctic conditions, NSV and PK machine guns, and a 125 mm gun that can launch guided missiles.

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