Ukrainian Defense Minister: USA will allocate $100 million for Ukraine’s defense

During a broadcast of IСTV Chan, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak said that the USA will soon allocate 100 million dollars in assistance to Ukraine to strengthen its defense capacity.   

"The US Defense Secretary stressed that after adoption [in Ukraine] of the National Security Law and after analyzing the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the near future, the USA will provide assistance to Ukraine to strengthen Ukrainian Army’s defense capabilities and will supply armaments and equipment worth 100 million dollars," Poltorak said, commenting on the results of the NATO Summit. 
According to him, a transition in the format of cooperation from consulting help to specific assistance was also discussed at the Summit.
"For example, the British Minister of Defense will visit us in October and we are considering the question of supplies of equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have already signed several contracts with the Minister of Defense of Canada for supplies of arms for Ukraine. We also have close military and technical cooperation with the Polish Minister of Defense and [we are preparing the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian] joint brigade Litpolukrbrig,” the Minister of Defense stated.
Earlier, it was reported that the US defense budget in 2019 approved by the Senate provides for the allocation of assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $200 million. The defense budget for 2018 provides military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 350 million dollars.

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