President Poroshenko announces construction of fifteen new ammunition storage facilities in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the planned construction of fifteen ammunition storage facilities in Ukraine with automatic security systems. Poroshenko elaborated on the plans during his address to the participants of Clear Sky 2018 international military exercises, the President’s press service reported.

According to the President, Ukraine sorely lacks modern storage facilities for ammunitions. "This year, we will begin the construction of fifteen modern storages with automatic security systems… with automatic fire protection and alarm systems that will reduce the human error factor to almost zero,” he said. Moreover, Poroshenko announced that he would visit the depot in Tsvitokha, Khmelnytskyi region.

"The reconstruction is being carried out in full compliance with NATO standards: 37 concrete storages, 70 km of electricity networks, 20 km of waterlines, 15 km of surfaced roads.” Poroshenko emphasized that 1.15 billion hryvnia ($410 million USD)  was dedicated to that one project.

The new ammunition storage facilities are being constructed in the wake of recent incidents in Balakliia and Kalynivka where antiquated military installations caught fire and sustained severe damage.

  Poroshenko, Ukraine