Ukrainian President Poroshenko files a defamation claim against BBC

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko filed a claim against the BBC accusing the agency of defamation after it published an article alleging that the Ukrainian President paid at least $ 400 thousand through intermediaries for his first meeting with US President Donald Trump. President Petro Poroshenko’s claim against the BBC said that the British broadcaster reviewed his complaint in a “dismissive and arrogant manner”, Radio Liberty reports with reference to the confirmation of the High Court of England and Wales.

Poroshenko’s representatives note that the BBC story has been read by “millions of readers in this [the UK] country and abroad”. In addition, other media disseminated the information published by the British public broadcaster.

The claim contains the text of the news report published on the BBC website and the transcript of the evening news program on BBC One, where correspondent Paul Wood made these allegations.

The representatives of Poroshenko state that “the president’s reputation has been seriously damaged and this has caused substantial distress and embarrassment [to him]. Besides, the publication damaged not only his image as the president but also his reputation as a politician and entrepreneur”.

In addition, the claim reminds that it was during the presidency of Poroshenko that anti-corruption bodies, such as NABU [National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine] were formed.

The lawyers of the president demand that the court oblige the BBC to recognize the information of the publication as false, to compensate for losses and court expenses and to refrain from further distribution of similar materials.

According to the Poroshenko’s lawyers, BBC refused to publish a correction or apology, and the story remains available on the BBC website.

British law firm Atkins Thompson represents Poroshenko's interests. The claim is dated September 3, 2018.

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