President of South Ossetia says he often comes to eastern Ukraine to support Ossetians fighting on the side of separatists

In an interview with the WarGonzo project, the president of the self-proclaimed South Ossetia, Anatoliy Bibilov, admitted that during almost every trip to the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) he visits the front line and advises "volunteers" on the front line.  

"As for my visit to the front line... I actually go there on almost every visit, especially when it concerns those guys from South Ossetia, and neighbors [in the Caucasus region] overall. Of course, I care about Ossetians. I'm interested in how they carry out their combat missions both as a military and as a leader of the Republic. Sometimes I give advice; sometimes I can give some ideas. I do not hide it; I openly declare it," Bibilov said during his visit to the DPR.

When asked by journalists if it could be openly said that he is providing separatists on the front line with military consultations, Bibilov replied: "At the level at which this assistance can be provided, this consultation, of course, yes."

The head of the self-proclaimed South Ossetia, Anatoliy Bibilov, arrived in separatist-held Donetsk on January 6.

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