Pro-Russian separatist used the newest Russian rocket launches to attack Ukrainian Armed forces

In the Donbas, near the village of Krymske, Luhansk Oblast, separatists used powerful Russian rocket launchers against the Ukrainian military, as reported by the Military Television of Ukraine in a story called “Voentorg (Army and Air Force Exchange Service) surprises again.”

It focuses on the RPG-27 Tavolga, which currently only used by Russian, Jordan, and the separatists of Transnistria.

This weapon can burn through the armor behind the dynamic protection up to 0.6 m, break through reinforced concrete up to 1.5 m thick, brick up to 2 m, and earth-timber shelters up to 3.7 m. The effective range is up to 200 m. The RPG-27 Tavolga was approved for military use by the USSR in 1989.

“The Ukrainian military has never had these type of rocket launchers and therefore this is further proof of the use of Russian weapons in the Donbas,” the message reads.

The Ukrainian military said that they had been bombed by Russian rocket launchers the day before, resulting in injuries to two soldiers.

The day before, on August 10th, separatists in the Donbas reduced the number of attacks against the Ukrainian military by up to 15. One serviceman died as a result of an explosion of an unknown explosive device near Peski and another one was wounded.

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