Russia convenes UN Security Council session on Syria

Russia has asked that an open session of the UN Security Council be held in order to discus the results of the summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey, Interfax reports, citing Russia’s permanent representative to the UN.

This was done “in light of the interest shown by several Security Council members in the results of the Russia-Iran-Turkey summit” explained the mission spokesman Fedor Strzhizhovsky. He clarified that the session has been requested for Tuesday at 11:00 New York time.

“Our position is explained by the fact that the situation surrounding the Syrian Idlib province, where the primary terrorist forces are now concentrated, warrants heightened attention. We affirm that the continuation of the fighting against terrorists in Syria, their complete elimination, and the liberation of the civilian population from the terrorist IS remains an urgent task for the entire international community,” Strzhizhovsky emphasized.

Last week a Russia-Iran-Turkey summit on Syria was held in Tehran. Iran and Turkey concluded that they would maintain their presence in the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to have “irrefutable evidence” that “the terrorists are carrying out and preparing various kinds of provocation, including the use of chemical weapons”.

Earlier the US said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons in Syria.

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