Russia files counter-claim against Siemens on turbine deal

On October 16, the Arbitration Court of Moscow considered a lawsuit filed by the German concern Siemens against Rostec regarding the supply of turbines to the annexed Crimea.

The Germans have asked to invalidate the deal, following which the turbines entered the territory of the annexed peninsula.

According to RIA Novosti news agency, the Russian company Technopromexport filed a counter-claim in which it requested the invalidation of a portion of the transaction dated March 10, 2015, during which Siemens supplied the four gas turbines. The substance of the paragraphs was not announced at the court hearing.

After that, the court hearing was adjourned until October 18.

Siemens filed a lawsuit in July against Technopromexport over the supply of  gas turbine units to the Crimea for use at thermal power plants.

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