Russia intends to stop spy satellites from monitoring its territory

Experts from the Russian state space agency Roscosmos have found a way to conceal confidential operations in Russian territory from surveillance by foreign spy satellites, according to an article written by experts from the company Russian Space Systems, as cited by RIA Novosti. According to them, data transmission from satellites can be jammed using land-based radio stations.

“During periods when the protected region falls into the observation zone of a surveillance satellite’s on-board apparatus, we need to block the on-board receivers of the repeater satellites in the direct radio visibility zone of this surveillance satellite,” the article states. This will require the creation of numerous land-based radio stations in order to jam signals when data is being transmitted by optical, infrared or radar surveillance satellites to repeater satellites, which forward the data to ground-based reception facilities. In order to guarantee that the communication satellites’ channels are blocked, the Russian experts propose to use several jamming stations simultaneously.

The authors are proposing to compile a database of foreign surveillance satellite systems, identify the number of land-based jamming stations that are required and where to deploy them, establish how they will work, and determine how best to jam the transmission of data on foreign satellites.

  Roscosmos, Russia