Russian activist: Kerch Strait Bridge will collapse soon

The Kerch Strait Bridge in the annexed Crimea, which is currently under construction, may collapse by this winter, wrote Elena Vasileva, Russian human rights activist and founder of the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”, on Facebook.

"The Kerch Strait Bridge will most likely collapse this winter; two of the platforms have already failed. They are trying to restore them, but the people of Russia do not understand that there is a rift in the earth's crust located there. There is no bottom per se; it is silt. How these platforms are being anchored there is not clear even to the geologists who have examined the crust of the Earth in this place," Vasileva noted.

She noted that the amplitude of vibration is up to 20 cm per year.

"That is, in this place there is crustal movement, and therefore they did not build a bridge [there before]. In addition, the construction of the bridge has not been coordinated with Ukraine, which is a violation of international norms. I know that when the bridge is built, a lawsuit will be filed by Ukraine at the court on maritime law at The Hague. And the bridge will have to be dismantled," the human rights activist summed up.

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