Russian court rules against Siemens in return of Crimean turbines

A Moscow Arbitration Court refused to rule in favor of the claim of the German company Siemens against LLC Tekhnopromexport and JSC Tekhnopromexport (structures of Rostec) for the illegal transport of turbines to the annexed Crimea, reported Interfax.

The court also denied Technopromexport’s counterclaim against Siemens.

Siemens accuses the two Tekhnopromexport companies of illegally moving four turbines to the Crimea, which were supplied for the construction of power plants in Taman. According to the sanctions, the German company prohibited the use of its turbines for electricity production in the Crimea because the EU does not recognize the annexation of the peninsula.

The plaintiff demands that the turbines be returned and the sale declared invalid. According to the plaintiff, Siemens was deceived. At the same time, Tekhnopromexport stated that the German company “is trying to implement sanctions on the territory of the Russian Federation, but does not protect its civil rights.”

Because of violating sanctions, Siemens is threatened with penalties from the EU. At the same time, the contract in Russia was fully implemented.

On October 30, the ninth Arbitration Court of Appeals rejected Siemens’ request to seize the turbines, which were transported to the Crimea in violation of sanctions.

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