Russian FSB checking if student who gave speech in Bundestag has relatives in Ukraine

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) contacted the authorities of Novy Urengoy (Yamalo – Nenets Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation) with a request for information about the family of Nikolai Desyatnichenko, a high school student who recently gave a presentation on the German military prisoners at the Bundestag, as reported by sources in the city's administration, writes news website.

"A request was made from the special services, in which we were asked to provide a list of Nikolai’s possible relatives in Ukraine. We have provided information on his relatives," an interlocutor from the mayor’s office stated.

However the mayor’s office of Novy Urengoy has not provided official comments on this issue.

In addition, the news portal reports that the special services are also investigating the background of the head of the city, Ivan Kostogriz, who spoke in support of the teenager.

"The situation is absurd," a journalist from the local TV channel commented. "Despite public assessments by senior officials, the authorities continue to dig up information. What they're trying to find is unclear. Following this logic, they need to check not only the mayor, but all the other officials with Ukrainian surnames. It's nothing short of a witch hunt."

During his speech about the Bundestag, Desyatnichenko stated that among the German soldiers were those who didn't want to fight. Right after that people on social networks started bullying the young man, threatening him, and writing to his relatives. Additionally, one of the bloggers submitted complaints to the FSB and the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The mayor of his native city of Novy Urengoy and his teacher defended the boy.

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