Russian military patrol comes under drone attack in northeastern Syria

On 16 July, an explosion occurred on a road between the town of Ad Darbasiyah and the city of Al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria. The Russian military and Asayish police were sent to the area to inspect the scene after the patrols were completed. At that moment there was a second explosion, reported the Telegram channel Directorate 4.

According to preliminary data, a makeshift UAV of pro-Turkish militia dropped an mortar shell. According to Kurdish media, three Russian servicemen, two Asaish fighters and two civilians were wounded.

Other sources note that the UAV may not have been Turkish.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) footage shows a shell casing. Most likely, it was from a copter or a homemade UAV. Photos and video from the scene show local medics helping an injured Russian soldier get to the evacuation vehicle.

The Russian military police regularly conduct patrols in the border town of Ad Darbasiyah.

  Syria, Russia, Turkey