Russian Strategic Missile Forces receive more than 150 Yars missile systems

The Commander of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Sergei Karakaev said that Russian Strategic Missile Forces will abandon all Soviet-made missile systems soon. More modern models will replace them, reports  the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda.

"Today, the Strategic Missile Forces are at a historical stage, when the last Soviet-made missile systems are being withdrawn from service," said Karakaev.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry's website, the Strategic Missile Forces, in addition to the latest Yars missile systems, are armed with Topol-M systems (their development started in the USSR), and even older conventional Topol missile systems, R-36M2 Voevoda missiles, which were also developed in Soviet times, and intercontinental ballistic missiles UR-100NUTTH, which were adopted in the 1970s.

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