Latvia detects Russian warship near its shores

The Latvian National Armed Forces reported that on Saturday, November 3, a Russian warship was spotted in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia. "On November 3, in the Latvian exclusive economic zone at a distance of 13 nautical miles from the territorial waters, the Latvian Naval Forces have identified an support ship of the SS-750 class Kashtan submarine of the Russian Armed Forces”, stated the report.

This is not the first such case. In October, the Russian Federation warship of the Steregushchiy class was discovered in the Latvian exclusive economic zone.

Last year, in September, three Russian warships, the Andromeda, the Kilektor 1 and the Bira were spotted in the Latvian exclusive economic zone. In April 2017, a Russian submarine was noticed at a 15.4 nautical miles distance from the Latvian coastal border. A few days before, the Latvian National Armed Forces discovered Russian submarines and a submarine’s support ship near their shores.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations between the West and the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation warships and aircraft are more frequently spotted near the air and sea borders of the Baltic States. They do not violate the air and sea agreements of the states, however, in the case of aircraft, this causes a threat to civil aviation.

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