Serbia negotiates purchase of Mi-35 combat helicopters from Russia

Aleksandar Vulin, the Serbian Minister of Defense met with the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu and reported afterwards that Serbia is negotiating with Russia for the supply of four Mi-35 combat helicopters and further military cooperation, Russia's TASS news agency reported.

"Recently, we have talked about the purchase of four Mi-17 transport helicopters and four Mi-35 combat helicopters. We have also discussed the continuation of military-technical cooperation, the further equipping and modernization of MiG fighters, and the acquisition and supply of T-72 tanks and BMP-2 and certain types of other weapons,” said Vulin.

He also emphasized that the Serbian army is trying to equip and to arm its forces as much as possible. Vulin added, "We should always be prepared for the worst scenario." The minister also noted that military-technical cooperation between Russia and Serbia continues. "I am very grateful for this. Armed Serbia is a peace-loving Serbia, and also a guarantor of stability in the Balkans," said Vulin.

  Mi-35 helicopters, Serbia, Russia