Stoltenberg : NATO concerned about Russian Poseidon nuclear-powered underwater drone

NATO is concerned about Russia’s unmanned underwater vehicle "Poseidon", said Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, answering BBC’s question about the weapon’s potential. 

According to Stoltenberg, the drone is "another example proving that Russia has increased investment in strengthening nuclear potential." 

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed a video of the Poseidon tests in the summer of 2018. “The main advantage of Poseidon is the invulnerability of almost one hundred percent to the enemy's countermeasures,” the ministry assured. 

The drone, which looks like a big torpedo, is designed to be used against enemy aircraft carriers and ships “in any military operations in the ocean”, as well as against coastal infrastructure facilities that can be hit at an intercontinental range. The Defense Ministry reminded that they had successfully tested a nuclear power engine for Poseidon in December 2017. 

Last week, US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control Andrea Thompson said that the information about the capabilities of Poseidon is part of Russian propaganda. “I do not trust Russian propaganda and I believe in the power of our army,” she said in response to a reporter’s question.

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