Syrian media claims another missile strike has been averted

The Syrian anti-missile defense forces deflected a missile attack aimed at the Shayrat military base in the Homs province, the Syrian state media reported on Tuesday, April 17. The missiles were reportedly shot down by the Syrian anti-missile defense systems. The reports did not specify the number of missiles shot down, or who could have fired them.

Later the Lebanese media reported another interception, citing Hezbollah. The Dumayr airbase on the outskirts of Damascus was the target of the attack.

In response to Damascus’s statement, the Pentagon said that there is currently no US “military activity” in Syria. “We have no other information to provide,” said US Defense Department Spokesman Eric Pahon.

The Arabic news portal Al-Masdar cited Interfax in reporting that the Israeli Air Force may have been behind the attack. There has been no confirmation of this from other sources, and the Israeli military is yet to comment.

Earlier, the Syrian military accused Israel of launching an airstrike against the T-4 military airport, which is also in Homs. According to the Russian defense minister, two Israeli planes fired eight guided missiles at the airport from Lebanese airspace. The planes did not enter Syrian airspace.

One year ago, the Shayrat airport was almost completely destroyed by a US missile strike. The US launched roughly 50 cruise missiles at the base in response to the chemical attack in Khan-Shaykhun.

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