Russia conducts tests of Tor Arctic missile system

A video of tests of the Arctic Tor-M2DT short-range missile system has been published on the YouTube-channel of RT (Russia Today) news agency.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the tests that were conducted at the Kapustin Yar test site in the Astrakhan region were successful. The consecutive firing of missiles at two targets proved the accuracy of the system.

The Tor-M2DT system is especially designed to be used for Arctic region based on the chassis of the DT-30PM tracked all-terrain vehicle which consists of two tracked vehicle units linked by a steering mechanism. The second vehicle is used to carry the TOR-M2 missile launcher station. The TOR-M2DT is developed by the Russia`s JSC Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol (a subsidiary of the Almaz-Antey Concern).

It was first showcased at a military parade in Moscow in 2017.

On December 26, 2017, Russia conducted a test launch of the Topol intercontinental ballistic missile.

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