Ukraine adopts new energy strategy

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft Energy Strategy of Ukraine for 2035 during a meeting on Friday.

Ukraine's energy strategy is the basic plan for the state energy policy that defines the goals of the development of the energy sector in accordance with economic and social development needs up to 2035 and lays out the tasks for executive authorities in the field of energy sector management.

"There are quite ambitious goals in the heart of the country's new energy policy: reducing the energy intensity of the economy by half by 2030 and increasing the Ukrainian production of power using both traditional and alternative sources of energy," the government's press service quotes Vice Premier Volodymyr Kistion as saying.

According to the document, the new structure for energy needs will be next with nuclear energy accounting for 50% of the country's electricity supplies by 2035, renewable sources at 25%, hydropower at 13%, with the rest to be covered by thermal power plants.

In 2006, the Energy Strategy-2030 was adopted. The crisis of 2008-2009, the rise of the price of Russian gas, and a number of other factors led to its quickly becoming obsolete. After Viktor Yanukovych came to power, the process of reviewing the strategy began, and in 2013 it was updated.

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