Ukraine to buy Turkish Bayraktar drones for its Navy

In 2021, Ukraine plans to purchase for its Navy Turkish Bayraktar drones, said the Navy’s commander Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa in an interview with Radio Liberty.

According to him, Bayraktar with improved tactical and technical characteristics and increased operational range will be used in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

"We use them to monitor the surface situation, to support the forces both on the shore and at sea," Neizhpapa said.

He also said that Ukraine has agreed on the production of Turkish Ada-class corvettes in order to replenish the fleet.

This will allow Ukrainian shipyards to gain access to NATO technologies.

"The fact is that the construction of ADA-class corvettes will begin at the Turkish shipyard, after which it will be completed on ours, in Ukraine," said Neizhpapa.

In December 2020, Ukraine signed a contract with Turkey on the supply of Bayraktar drones and corvettes.

The general director of state-owned arms trading company Ukrspetsexport said that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry plans to buy about fifty more Turkish UAVs.

Ukraine carried out test flights of Bayraktar drones in November 2020.

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