Ukrainian activists publish personal data of workers involved in construction of the Kerch Bridge

Volunteers with the Ukrainian Myrotvorets project have published on Facebook the personal data of 299 people who are participating in the construction of the bridge through the Kerch Strait to the Crimea.

The published information contains the names and surnames, dates of birth, their home addresses, and other identifying information. All of the people are employees of OOO MT-Group.

Myrotvorets noted that the information on the builders of the Kerch Bridge will be placed in "Purgatory" on the project website "for violating the state border of Ukraine and participating in environmental crimes".

The Kerch Strait Bridge is being built by Russia. It will connect the mainland of Russian Federation with the annexed Crimea. The total cost of the project is about 228 billion rubles (nearly 4 billion dollars). This sum has constantly grown since the beginning of the construction. About 209,000 dollars have been spent on average for each meter of the Kerch Bridge.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation stated that they will open the bridge to car traffic in December 2018, and to train service in 2019.

Ecologists note that the construction of the bridge will disrupt the existing ecosystem, in particular, the natural water exchange between the Azov and Black seas.

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