Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: Separatists trying to capture grey zone near Shyrokyne

Pro-Russian separatists continue provocations and are trying to occupy the "grey zone" near the town of Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region, as reported on the Facebook page of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) headquarters’ press center.

"The enemy regularly tests the strength of Ukrainian soldiers, regularly fires on our positions from large-caliber machine guns, and in the morning, have also fired mortars," the report said.

A soldier from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vadym S., stated on TSN news program that last night was very restless. He said that the seperatists had fired from an 82 caliber gun during the night.

"They were shooting on target, but fortunately, there were no losses. We constantly monitor the situation, we don’t react to provocations. Recently, the situation has worsened, "said the Ukrainian fighter.

"The militants are trying to dig through and take the so-called "grey zone" to sneak up closer to us. If the distance between us was a kilometer or more, it is now 500-600 meters," Vadym noted.

Vadym is a medical officer in the unit. He ensures that they have prepared well for the winter. There are enough cartridges, firewood, and medicines. The mood is militant.

Another Ukrainian soldier, Mykola, said that recently the separatists frankly despise the truce.

"They are constantly violating the truce and the Minsk Agreements.  Antitank grenade launchers are here, mines are used, and sometimes they fire from a large caliber guns or anti-aircraft guns. The rifles don’t stop through the night. Separatists fought at night because the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) worked during the day. Now they can shoot in the afternoon. Therefore, the OSCE officials don’t come to us anymore as it is DANGEROUS," he said.

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