Ukrainian MP calls coal reserve situation a ‘catastrophe’

Mikhail Volynets, a Ukrainian MP from the Fatherland party and head of the Independent Union of Miners, called the situation surrounding the country’s coal reserves a “catastrophe”.

“We currently have 54% less coal in storage at the thermal power stations than for the corresponding period last year. Last year we had problems stockpiling coal, and now it’s simply a catastrophe,” Volynets said in a video on the Zik YouTube channel.

In the MP’s opinion, unless Ukraine’s new leaders join forces to deal with this problem, the country may have to limit and later suspend the power supply to companies.

Volynets said that there could also be a “collapse of the energy system”. He noted that the coal stockpiling problems were related to the pricing of energy resources.

At the end of February, the RBC news agency wrote that in 2018, Belarus became a re-exporter of Russian coal to Ukraine, growing from 600 tons to 588,500 tons. However, Russia tightened its sanctions on Ukraine, effectively banning the export of Russian oil, oil products and coal to Ukraine. Since June 1, this has required separate permits.

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