Ukrainian nationalists promise to blockade Russian diplomatic missions on day of Russian presidential elections

Representatives of the All-Ukrainian Union ‘Svoboda’, the Right Sector, and the National Corps have promised to blockade Russian diplomatic institutions located on the territory of Ukraine on March 18, the day of the Russian presidential election.

This was noted in a message published on March 8 and distributed by Svoboda’s press service, reports 112.Ukraine.

The blockade is planned to begin at all diplomatic establishments of the Russian Federation in Ukraine starting at 8 am, which is the beginning of work of the polling stations, and will last until the stations close and voting is completed.

"In diplomatic missions of the aggressor state in Ukraine – in [the cities of] Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv - from 8:00 to 20:00, Moscow plans to hold a vote, and people who have Russian passports [and are] temporarily staying in Ukraine [can] to participate in this farce…The Kremlin will hold the so-called election of its president on the territory of the annexed Crimea and the occupied Donbas…Kremlin voters will be awaited by blockaded buildings and a ‘corridor of shame’," the statement said.

President Poroshenko and the Verkhovna Rada have both spoken against the conduction of presidential elections in the annexed Crimea. Meanwhile, in Crimea itself, invitations to participate in the elections have already started to be delivered to mailboxes.

Current Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to vote in the annexed Crimea.  

  Russian presidential elections, Crimea, Ukraine