Ukrainian Security Service: Russian special services tried to recruit high-ranking Ukrainian Navy officer

The Russian Federal Security Service tried to recruit a Ukrainian serviceman with access to classified defense information, reported the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Law enforcement officers recorded the fact that the Officer of the Ukrainian Navy has been maintaining constant contacts with the personnel of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

"Among them, in particular, traitors, former SBU servicemen Andrei Gaponenko, Pyotr Zima, Dmitry Pilipchenko, who in 2014, during the annexation of Crimea, switched to the side of the enemy. In March 2014, Gaponenko and Pilipchenko, acting on the instructions of the Russian special services, offered him to join the Armed Forces of the Enemy and assist the Russians in the capture of the Academy of the Ukrainian Navy in Sevastopol. The officer declined that "offer." After entering mainland Ukraine, he was appointed to the position of deputy commander of the Navy. Now he holds another position," the statement said.

The Security Service noted that the Ukrainian military, realizing that he was being probed for recruitment by the Russian special services, continued to communicate with Gaponenko, Zima and Pilipchenko.

Communication with them took place on the phone, as well as during personal meetings in the annexed Crimea, where the Ukrainian officer came to visit relatives.

The Russians were interested in the morale of the Ukrainian military, the level of funding and material support of the army, as well as specific officials from the command of the Ukrainian Navy.

At the moment, the issue of dismissal of the officer from the service is being considered.

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