US calls on Russia to stop supplying Donbas militants with weapons

Russia should stop supplying lethal weapons to its associates in the east of Ukraine, the US Embassy in Ukraine stated on Twitter.

Diplomats referenced the information and photos of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE.

"A picture is worth a thousand words. Russia must stop providing lethal weapons under cover of night to its proxies in eastern Ukraine. These weapons, including those spotted by the Mission's UAV, kill soldiers and civilians alike. Only Russia can bring an end to bloodshed in Ukraine," the statement reads.

Earlier, OSCE Special Monitoring Mission  published images of Russian military convoy moving into the territory of the Donbas which is not under Ukraine’s control.

“In a non-government-controlled area of the Donetsk region, near the border with the Russian Federation, an SMM UAV again spotted convoys of trucks along a dirt road in the middle of the night where there is no border crossing checkpoint. One of the trucks carried an anti-aircraft gun," reported OSCE on twitter.

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