US offers alternative to Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The United States can ensure delivery of energy resources at low prices. According to US Permanent Representative to NATO Kay Hutchison, such a solution could serve as an alternative for countries that are dependent on Russian gas.

"I want to emphasize that we are all very worried about Nord Stream 2. We should not be dependent on Russia because of energy needs. We hope, many of us hope, that the US will be able to offer diversified energy resources," Hutchison said.

According to Hutchinson, just a year and a half ago, the US could not provide such oil and gas exports because the country had to ensure it had enough resources for domestic consumption.

"Today, our technology allows America to become one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas. Yes, we won’t be the largest exporter, because we consume a lot. But we will have an export campaign, which means that the prices for our natural gas supplies will decrease. We are currently building the infrastructure to do this. We will be able to export oil and natural gas at reduced prices, which can become diversified resources, including for Ukraine, and we hope, Germany, because we do not want the Russian [supported] Nord Stream 2 to contain the European response to Russian aggression. Nord Stream 2, which will cause dependence on Russian resources, will damage the ability of dependent countries to confront Russia," the NATO representative stressed.

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