US recommends that Ukraine extends the law on de-occupation of Donbas

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker recommends that Ukrainian authorities extend the law on the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk areas.  

While speaking to journalists at the Yalta European Strategy forum (YES), Volker recalled that key sanctions imposed against Russia by the European Union are connected to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which among other things requires the special status for the territories of the Donbas which are not controlled by Ukraine.

The Special Representative of the State Department stressed that Russia constantly violates key requirements of the Minsk Agreements, but at the same time urged Ukraine to remain blameless.

“You know that in the European Union there are many those who voice their desire to lift sanctions against Russia, even if Russia does not take a single step. If the law on the special status of the Donbas is not extended, then it will give those who support lifting the sanctions additional arguments ,” he said.

Volker also said that Ukraine’s pulling out of the friendship agreement with Russia is justified.

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