Volker: US does not endorse either candidate in Ukraine’s presidential elections

The United States does not endorse any candidate in Ukraine’s presidential elections, but it supports certain principles, said US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker in a video message at the Kyiv Security Forum, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“We congratulate the Ukrainian nation on the successfully held first round of presidential elections. We wish you success in the holding of the second round of presidential elections, and parliamentary elections in autumn. Traditionally the US does not endorse any single candidate in the elections, but it does advocate compliance with principles,” Volker said.

The diplomat said that the US supports Ukraine’s efforts to establish the framework of democracy, reform its economy, fight corruption and develop into a strong country. Volker also believes that the Minsk Agreements need to be implemented.

“So far Russia has not shown any desire to do this. But we are still prepared to participate, to do everything we can to facilitate negotiations and the introduction of peacekeepers, in order to help the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine return to a peaceful life,” the US representative added.

Volker recently commented that the current presidential elections in Ukraine remind him of the elections in the US and in France.

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