Walmart stops selling clothes with Soviet symbols at Lithuania’s request

As Vakaru Ekspresas reports, Walmart, the world's largest network of stores will stop selling clothes with Soviet symbols at Lithuania’s request.

“The Lithuanian ambassador to the United States [Rolandas Krisciunas] received a written response from the company’s management the other day that promised to stop the sale of goods with Soviet symbols soon,” the ministry said.

The ambassador and three other politicians had earlier applied to the management of the distribution network with a request to remove clothes with Soviet emblems from sale, because for many people, the sickle and hammer are a symbol of massacres, deportations and exile.

The ambassador explained his request with the fact that more than 250,000 Lithuanians were sent to the camps and more than 21,000 partisans were killed in the armed resistance to the Soviet occupation in 1940-1941.

Soviet symbols are prohibited in Lithuania. Adidas removed its Soviet-themed clothes before the FIFA World Cup. Ukraine also banned symbolism associated with the traditions of the Soviet Union.

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