• NATO and Ukraine to develop framework to counter hybrid war

    NATO together with Ukraine will work on creating a new framework to counter hybrid warfare. This was reported by Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Igor Dolgov, at the press briefing on Wednesday, June 22 as reported by RBC-Ukraine.

    “A new mutual framework to counter the hybrid war will be a practically a new undertaking. This is unlike anything we have had before. We hope that after the  specific political approvals are made Kiev will become the center of this mutual operation,” Dolgov …

  • Chisinau demands that the Russian Army stop recruiting Moldovan citizens

    According to Moldavia’s Publika News, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova has sent a note to the Russian Federation with a demand to stop the illegal recruitment of Moldovan citizens.

    "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova has sent a note to the Russian Embassy in Moldova, in which it requires the Russian Federation to stop the illegal recruitment of young people into the Russian army on the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” the statement said.

    The …

  • Lithuania reinstates general military conscription

    Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė has signed the law on the introduction of universal military service in the country on an ongoing basis.

    According to the Lithuanian news portal Delfi, the law, previously approved by the Council of State Defense, provides for the transition of the Lithuanian army from fully professional to a mixed-type system. At the moment, more than ten thousand people are serving in the Armed Forces of Lithuania.

    Previously, the introduction of universal …

  • US Army in Europe Commander: NATO will be unable to defend Baltics if Russia attacks

    The Commander of the United States Army Europe, Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin Hodges, believes that NATO will not be able to protect the Baltic States if Russia attacks them.

    “Russia could invade the Baltic States faster than we could come there to defend them," the Lieutenant General said in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit, published on June 22.

    Hodges said that he agrees with the estimate of military analysts that the Russian troops could capture the capital cities of …

  • Canadian business leaders want to build power plants in the Chernobyl zone

    The Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ostap Semerak, discussed the investment attractiveness of the exclusion zone for renewable energy during a Canadian-Ukrainian business forum, stating that a number of Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing solar power plants and biofuel plants in the exclusion zone, the agency’s press service reported.

    “Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing biofuel plants and power stations in …