• EU imposes sanctions against Russian metallurgical companies

    The European Union imposed anti-dumping duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia and China, the EU official journal reports. Tariffs for Russian manufacturers range between 18.7% and 36.1%.

    The tariffs are introduced retroactively, back to December 2015 and will be in place for five years. For Chinese companies the amount of the anti-dumping duty is between 52.7 % and 59.2 %.

    Brussels launched an investigation after a complaint from the European Steel Association (Eurofer), representing …

  • Obama: We must test Russia to see if we can cooperate in Syria

    At a press conference at the Pentagon, US President Barack Obama said he does not trust Russia to cooperate militarily with the US to bring peace in Syria, but the proposition must be tested.

    The US State Department recently announced that it is pursuing military cooperation with Russia to end the war in Syria, a proposal over which some defense officials have expressed concern.

    When asked why he trusts Moscow to cooperate, Obama said "I am not confident that we can trust the Russians and …

  • Latvia detects Russian submarine near its borders

    The Latvian Armed Forces detected a Russian submarine near Latvian territorial waters. This was reported on an the official Twitter account of the Armed Forces of Latvia.

    “A Russian class 'Kilo' submarine was detected on August 4 at a distance of 7 nautical miles from the Latvian border,” the statement on Twitter reads.

    With the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations with the West, Russian ships and aircraft have strayed increasingly close to the borders of …

  • 45 percent of Norwegians consider Russia to be a serious threat to their country

    Almost half of Norwegians think that Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, are a serious threat to their country, as shown in the results of an Ipsos poll conducted for Dagbladet, Norwegian channel TV2 reported.

    In particular, 1,000 people answered the question "to what extent does Russia and its President pose a real threat to the security of Norway?" 8% of respondents answered that the threat is very significant and 37% said it is significant.

    44% of respondents believe that the threat …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia could use Crimea to launch a nuclear attack on Europe

    The representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky, announced on Hromadske Radio on August 2nd that the Crimea could become an outpost from which Russia could conduct nuclear strikes on Europe.

    According Skibitsky, the Russian Black Sea Fleet annually trains on the use of nuclear weapons. He says that they are currently carrying out intensive retrofitting the fleet with new submarines, frigates, aircraft and other types of military …