• Putin: Russia will fight for influence in Africa

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to increase cooperation with African countries. "We are ready not to redistribute wealth, but to compete for cooperation with Africa. This cooperation should be civilized and be developed in accordance to laws," said Russian President.

    Putin noted that not only the United States but also China, India, Turkey, the Gulf States, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and Israel are interested in cooperation with African countries.

    "And it is not an accident, …

  • Norwegian spy asks Putin for clemency

    Ilya Novikov, the lawyer of Norwegian citizen Frode Berg, who was convicted in Russia for espionage, sent a petition to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking for clemency.

    "Yes, that is true, Berg has filed a request for a presidential pardon," said Novikov, as reports TASS news agency. Novikov declined further comment.

    In April this year, Frode Berg was sentenced to 14 years in prison for alleged espionage against the Russian Federation. The trial was held in closed session due to the …

  • Russia to send group of strategic bombers and military cargo aircraft to South Africa

    A group of strategic bombers and military cargo aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces will go to South Africa in the framework of bilateral cooperation, reports RIA Novosti news agency, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

    The Ministry informed that the air group will include two Tu-160 strategic bombers and military cargo aircraft Il-62 and An-124 Ruslan. Russian Defense Ministry also reported that the purpose of the visit is the development of military cooperation between the two …

  • Russian journalist recruited by Wagner private military company killed in Libya

    The Russian journalist Yevgeny (Zhaksybay) Ilyubaev, who became a mercenary for the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), has been killed in combat in Libya, Znak.com reports, citing its own sources.

    One of the sources said that in recent years Ilyubaev had entered the armed conflict zones, including Syria, on several occasions. Around a year ago he was even awarded a medal for bravery, which was presented to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    “When the reports came in that our own …

  • Russia to write off yet another African country’s debt

    Russia is continuing the Soviet practice of providing cash injections to regimes in African, Latin American and Central Asian countries that are loyal to the Kremlin.

    After writing off debt to Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania and Mozambique, and providing mass assistance to Venezuela, which according to Reuters is in the region of $17 billion, Russia is preparing to forgive the debt of yet another African country.

    Moscow is close to resolving the matter of Ethiopia’s remaining debt, Russian …