• Afghan ambassador demands an apology from Russia for deployment of Soviet troops

    Abdul Qayoum Kochai, an ambassador of Afghanistan in Russia, stated during a meeting of the Afghanistan ambassador with LDPR party in the Russian lower house of a parliament that Kabul expects the Russian authorities to apologize for deploying Soviet troops in Afghanistan in 1979.

    Qayoum Kochai said that what happened in 1978-1979 was a mistake. “The Left party came to power [in Afghanistan] in 1978 but it wasn’t a real left-wing. The only thing they wanted was power,” RIA Novosti quotes him …

  • Bill on sanctions against Nord Stream 2 pipeline introduced in the US Congress

    John Barrasso, Senator from Wyoming and a member of the Republican Party of the USA introduced a new bill to Congress providing sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as reported on Barrasso’s website.

    According to the Senator, sanctions against the pipeline would allow NATO countries to avoid political manipulation and coercion by Russia. “Countries like Germany should be reducing the amount of natural gas that they buy from Russia, not increasing it. But that’s what this Nord Stream 2 …

  • US Congressmen call on Trump to stand up to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

    Congressmen who lead the support group for Ukraine in the US Congress urged US President Donald Trump "to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our NATO allies in the face of continued threats from Russia and its aggression in Ukraine."

    Radio Liberty reports that the joint statement by Congressional Democrats Marcy Kaptur and Sandy Levin and Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick was motivated by the outcome of the joint press conference of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

    " …

  • Kremlin: Russia does not recognize US sanctions against Iran

    In an interview with the newspaper Kommersant, Russian ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian said that Moscow does not recognize US sanctions against Iran.

    “We do not recognize one-sided US sanctions. From our point of view, they are illegal”, Jagarian said, answering the question whether Russia will continue to purchase Iranian oil after November.

    The ambassador said that Iran firmly adheres to its obligations under the nuclear agreement, which was confirmed by the IAEA. In his opinion, when …

  • Russia prepares to test nuclear-powered cruise missile

    Russia is preparing to begin flight tests on prototypes of the enhanced Burevestnik (“Thunderbird”) cruise missiles. The missiles are powered by a nuclear engine, and have virtually “unlimited” range.The tests were announced on Thursday by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “Based on the refined specifications, we are improving the construction of the missile components,carrying out ground tests on them, and preparing for flight tests on missile prototypes,” the department stated.“At the same time, …