• Czech intelligence uncovers Russian hacker network

    A group of Russian hackers working for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has been uncovered in the Czech Republic, said Michal Koudelka, director of the country’s Security and Information Service, in a special address to parliament.

    He noted that the operation to uncover the agent network was conducted in conjunction with the National Center for Combating Organized Crime, the Czech news agency EuroZpravy reports.

    Koudelka pointed out that the financing of the group of cyber criminals …

  • Ecuador: protests in the country are instigated by Russia

    The Ecuadorian Interior Minister María Paula Romo said in an interview with El Comercio publication that Ecuador's Prosecutor General's Office determined that IP addresses from Russia were used to spread statements against the government in social networks.

    "I hope that in the coming days, the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General's Office will give us confidence about the level of coherence between the various social strata, local and federal authorities, and forces that are …

  • Georgia accuses Russia of illegal 'borderization' with South Ossetia

    Georgian Foreign Ministry reported citing Georgian State Security Service that the Russian military began to install fences to mark the border in the area of the village of Atotsi (Karelian region), on the line that separates the Tskhinvali region, reports Novosti-Georgia.

    Georgian Foreign Ministry called these actions "deliberate provocation" aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country, and "illegal borderization."

    Georgia called on Russia to "immediately stop destructive actions." …

  • Russia offers China one of Siberia’s largest oil fields

    Russian oil giant Rosneft and NefteGazHolding, a company belonging to Igor Sechin’s associate Eduard Khudainatov, are preparing to sell Asian investors a large share in oil fields in north-eastern Siberia.

    Citing federal officials and sources familiar with the negotiation proceedings, the Vedomosti news agency reported that buyers from China and India will be offered up to 40% of a project to unite four fields in Russia’s Krasnoyar Krai, including the fields that form part of the Vankor …

  • Putin: Russia is ready to help Africa in fight against terrorism

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Armed Forces of African countries are not able to fight the terrorists alone and need substantial assistance, reports TASS.

    According to Putin, Russia's cooperation with the African countries in the field of security is an essential component of bilateral relations. "Without solving these problems, they won't be able to move forward," said Russian President.

    Putin noted that Russia will continue to expand contacts between intelligence agencies …