Russia expects to start equipping its ships with new Zircon missiles in 2 years

The Russian Armed Forces should receive the new hypersonic missile Zircon in two years, TASS reports, citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

According to him, the naval system is planned to be put into service in 2022. The interlocutor added that the missile tests from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, during which the ability of the missiles to hit coastal and surface targets was be tested, should be completed this year.

The source said that the first launch of the Zircon from the submarine Severodvinsk is planned to be carried out from the surface position, and the second - from the underwater position.

In March, TASS, citing two sources, reported that Russia wants to speed up the development of Zircon.

In January, the first launch of Zircon missile was carried out form the frigate Admiral Gorshkov in the Barents Sea.

In February 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Zircon missile, which is "capable of hitting both naval and ground targets," would have a Mach 9 speed and a range of more than a thousand kilometers. New ships and submarines, including those which are just being built, are expected to be equipped with these missiles.

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