• Russia prevents separatist commander Khodakovsky from entering DPR

    Former Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Security Minister Alexander Khodakovsky reported on his Telegram channel, that Russian border guards refused him to return to DPR.

    “I should explain why I will not be able to participate in the elections. Last night, when I was coming home from Russia, Russian border guards at the Uspensky border crossing, simply but in polite manner explained to me that they would not let me out and that I should come back to the Russian Federation,” he wrote.

    At the …

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko files a defamation claim against BBC

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko filed a claim against the BBC accusing the agency of defamation after it published an article alleging that the Ukrainian President paid at least $ 400 thousand through intermediaries for his first meeting with US President Donald Trump. President Petro Poroshenko’s claim against the BBC said that the British broadcaster reviewed his complaint in a “dismissive and arrogant manner”, Radio Liberty reports with reference to the confirmation of the High Court of …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister warns of Russian hybrid threat in Transcarpathia

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stated in an interview with Radio NV that Transcarpathia is a high-risk region in terms of hybrid threats from neighboring countries. “I believe that Transcarpathia is a high-risk region in terms of hybrid methods. We must invest in it [to counter hybrid threats], otherwise we will create a situation that will cost us more,” said Klimkin.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that it was necessary to resolutely develop the appropriate policy for …

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces liberate small village in Donbas

    Ukrainian military liberated the small village of Vilny in the Luhansk region that was controlled by pro-Russian militants, reported TSN news program on Friday, September 21. The Ukrainian military didn’t suffer any losses during the operation.  

    For almost three day before the operation, Ukrainian reconnaissance group collected the information on the enemy positions in the areas. The village was captured after only thirty minutes of fighting.

    The military carried out the operation with zero …

  • Media: Ukraine will not receive next IMF loan tranche this year

    The International Monetary Fund is ready to consider the allocation of the next tranche to Ukraine after the adoption of the state budget for 2019, reported the Ukrainski Novyny news agency with a reference to a source close to the talks.

    The IMF mission worked in Kyiv for two weeks and left Ukraine in the evening of September 19. Neither the Fund nor the government and the National Bank have made any comments on the outcome of the talks.

    According to the agency, the discussions held by the …