• Ukrainian journalist: Russia deployed additional warships in the Sea of Azov

    The corvette Kerch of the coast guard of the Border Service of the Russian Federal Security Service arrived in Rostov on the way to the Azov Sea, stated Andrii Klymenko, the head of the Ukrainian civic movement Maidan of foreign affairs, on Facebook.

    “On November 18, at about 19:00, the towing caravan bound from Petersburg-Yaroslavl to the occupied Crimea, which included a new Svetlyak-type corvette called Kerch, arrived in the port of Rotov-on-Don. It was towed by the tugboats SHLUZOVOY 65 ( …

  • Experts predict inevitable collapse of Russian Navy

    Extreme measures will be required to deal with the critical problems faced by the Russian above-water shipbuilding industry, 3rd rank captain Maxim Klimov wrote on the website VPK.name.

    He claims that the “short-range ships are worn, outdated, and have effectively lost combat significance,” and that the “long-range ships are outdated, worn, expensive to run, and remain only a few units”. By the start of the 2020s, Klimov believes that this will lead to an inevitable navy “collapse”. The expert …

  • Ukrainian President: For the first time European Council discussed Russian aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov

    The European Council discussed Russia's aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov for the first time, stated Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

     “I welcome the promising results of the work of the Ukrainian-American Strategic Partnership Commission which has been revived after a long pause. Grateful to Donald Trump , State Secretary Mike Pompeo, all American friends for a shoulder of strong support and unwavering solidarity with Ukraine!” Poroshenko wrote on Twitter.

    In addition, Poroshenko …

  • The state of North Carolina recognizes Holodomor as genocide against Ukrainian people

    The American state of North Carolina recognized Holodomor 1932-1933 as genocide against the Ukrainian people and became the 19th state to join the commemoration of the 85th anniversary of the tragedy, according to the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA.

    On October 4, the US Senate officially recognized Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people. On October 10, the state of Utah officially recognized Holodomor as genocide and declared November 24 a Memorial Day for the …

  • Putin: Russia will respond if US withdraws from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the United States withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), promising that this move by Washington will not remain unanswered by Moscow, TASS reports.

    “Today I propose to discuss our steps related to the possible United States withdrawal from the medium and shorter missiles treaty. The United States decision to withdraw from this treaty, of course, cannot remain and will not remain unanswered on our part,” said Putin.

    The …