• Germany donates a quarter of its Patriot systems to strengthen Ukraine's air defence

    Germany has launched an initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defence, which has seen some success but still has room for improvement. According to Ukrinform , German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius made the announcement ahead of a meeting of NATO defence ministers.

    "We will deliver a third Patriot system to Ukraine. Thus, Germany is providing Ukraine with a total of three systems... This represents a quarter of our own stocks, so we can't provide any more," said the minister.

    He expressed …

  • UK and Latvia announce tender for FPV drones to support Ukrainian Forces

    The United Kingdom and Latvia have announced a tender for the procurement of FPV drones to be supplied to Ukraine's Defence Forces, according to a Facebook post by Deputy Minister of Defence for Digital Development, Ekaterina Chernohorenko.

    Chernohorenko noted that companies from all countries within the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, including Ukrainian drone manufacturers, are eligible to participate in the tender. The tender will select companies to supply UAVs to the Ukrainian military on …

  • Norway to supply $45 million worth of mortar ammunition to Ukraine

    The Norwegian government has announced that it will donate mortar ammunition worth over $45 million to Ukraine. These mortars have a range of 5-6 km.

    Following discussions with the Norwegian Armed Forces regarding Oslo's capacity to provide additional aid to Ukraine in its efforts to counter Russian aggression, Norway's Defence Minister announced that his country will supply 81-mm mortar ammunition valued at around 480 million Norwegian kroner (over $45 million), according to a government …

  • Putin to visit North Korea as Russia seeks more ammunition

    Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea and Vietnam in the near future. Reports from Russian media, citing "diplomatic sources," indicate that Putin plans to visit North Korea and Vietnam in June. The Russian ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora, confirmed that preparations for the visit to Pyongyang are "actively underway."

    As relations with South Korea deteriorate, Pyongyang has aligned itself with countries opposing the US and Western hegemony, as stated by Kim Jong Un. Russia …

  • Stoltenberg and Orban strike 'fair deal' over NATO missions in Ukraine

    Hungary opposes NATO missions in Ukraine and refuses to assist in this effort. However, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban assured, official Budapest will not "put obstacles in the way."

    Officially, Hungary has declined to participate in the North Atlantic Alliance's assistance programs for Ukraine, but it will not prevent other allies from providing support to Kyiv. This was stated by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg after talks in Budapest, according to Russian Interfax.

    "Hungary will …