Putin: Russia and Ukraine are not in an argument, they only have different views

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia and Ukraine "did not argue but only had different views".

"First of all, Crimea has always been ours, even from a legal point of view," Putin said, in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel, calling the annexation of Crimea "the highest degree of democracy."

In an interview, he was asked whether a dispute of such a scale was worth "acquiring" Crimea, while practically "losing" Ukraine.

According to the Russian President, Russia did not argue with Ukraine. "We did not argue with Ukraine, we have different views with those who are in power in Ukraine today. And Ukraine, the Ukrainian people will remain for centuries our brotherly people," he said.

Putin also admitted that he would run again for President if the relevant amendments to the Russian Constitution were adopted.

"I know this from my own experience, instead of normal rhythmic work at so many levels of government, I will start prowling with my eyes in search of possible successors," he said.

Earlier, in this interview Putin condemned Ukrainian President Zelensky for his comments about the Second World War and warned that this could spoil relations between the countries.

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