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  • Ukraine has determined new dangerous areas for flights over the Black Sea

    Russia has accused Ukraine of creating new zones where it is dangerous for aircraft to fly over the Black Sea, as stated on Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency website.

    "The new dangerous air zones are over Black Sea’s neutral waters and partially over Black Sea’s territorial waters of the Russian Federation to the southwest and southeast of the Crimean Peninsula. The reason for the establishment of new dangerous zones is not specified in NOTAMs [Notices to Airmen]. By doing this, the …

  • NATO fighter jets escorted Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea twenty times last week

    Last week, NATO fighter jets performing patrol missions in the Baltic States scrambled twenty times to identify and escort Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea. The press secretary of the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Captain Thomas Pakalniskis, told the Baltic News Service that Russian military drills taking place near Vilnius account for the great number of Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

    “Russia conducts intensive drills in the Baltic region and performs …

  • Latvia reported a Russian Su-24 bomber near its borders

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia once again reported the presence of a Russian military aircraft near its borders.

    “On October 7, air patrol fighters registered an Su-24 aircraft belonging to the armed forces of the Russian Federation over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea not far from the Latvian border,” the statement read.

    Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West, the instances of Russian warships and aircraft …

  • Finland suspects that a Russian Su-27 violated its airspace

    The press service of the Finnish Ministry of Defense reported that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet allegedly violated the airspace of Finland on October 6th. “The incident took place at 4:43 PM local time over the Gulf of Finland to the south of Porvoo city,” the statement says. The Ministry emphasized that an unidentified aircraft allegedly flew over Finnish territory for about one minute. Finnish Air Force jets were scrambled to intercept and identify it.

    The Finnish Border Guard is currently …

  • Russia is ready to establish a no-fly zone in Syria

    S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems, which were sent to Syria by Russia, are from the Russian Army air defense, a source close to Russian military-diplomatic circles told Izvestia newspaper.

    “These defense systems are related to the army air defense and are designed primarily for the destruction of aero-ballistic targets and cruise missiles,” the source noted.

    According to another source, Russia intended to provide Syrians with several dozens of armored vehicles, which had been …

  • NATO fighters escorted Russian bombers flying near the airspace of five European countries

    Two Russian TU-160 bombers were intercepted by NATO fighter planes as they flew from Norway to northern Spain and back, BBC reports.

    Air Force fighter jets from Norway, Great Britain, France and Spain took into the air as Russian aircraft approached the borders of each country.

    The incident reportedly took place on September 22, but details only emerged recently, after a statement by the French Ministry of Defense, who called it an air policing mission.

    The statement states that Norway first …

  • Latvia records Russian military aircraft off the country's coast

    On Saturday, NATO fighter jets patrolling the skies over the Baltic Sea escorted a Russian IL-20 military aircraft flying near the borders of Latvia, the National Armed Forces of Latvia reported on Twitter.

    "On September 17th, NATO patrol fighter jets were scrambled to intercept an Il-20 belonging to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation over the Baltic Sea near the borders of Latvia," the statement says.

    Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations …

  • Poland charges Russian pilot who violated Polish airspace in light aircraft

    The district prosecutor's office of the Polish city of Czestochowa filed charges against the pilot of the Russian plane who violated its flight-restricted area. A representative’s report from the District Attorney’s office states that "On August 8th, the prosecutor indicted a 46-year-old Russian citizen for committing a crime, namely the violation of the air law regulations.”

    The report stated that the pilot was questioned as a suspect. He did not plead guilty, but filed a request for …

  • Moscow invites Kiev to start dialogue on resuming flights between Russia and Ukraine

    Russia is ready to begin talks with Ukraine with regard to the resumption of flights between the two countries, as stated by the Russian Transport Minister, Maxim Sokolov, RIA Novosti reported.

    “Because of the crucial decisions that were recently made regarding the personnel policy of cooperating with Ukraine, there is some hope. I personally have hope. Negotiations are still under way, even though our position is open. In the current situation, it is mutually beneficial to unlock the existing …

  • Polish fighters intercept Russian light aircraft near Krakow

    Two Polish F-16 fighter pilots intercepted a Russian light aircraft flying in the direction of Kraków. This was reported by Polish TV station, TVN24, on the 31st of July.

    According to the report, the incident occurred on the 29th of July. The Russian aircraft flew close to the border of the 100 km airspace around Kraków. Flights were banned in this airspace due to Pope Francis’s visit to the area during World Youth Day. Polish fighter pilots demanded, through gestures and radio communication, …