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  • Russia considers taking back part of Barents Sea previously ceded to Norway

    The Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, instructed the Duma Committee on International Affairs to consider the possibility of denouncing the agreement between the Russian Federation and Norway on Maritime Delimitation and Cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Earlier, this idea was voiced by the deputy of the Russian Communist Party Mikhail Matveev, after Norway refused to allow transit of goods going to Russian villages located on the Spitsbergen archipelago. …

  • Russia begins tests of ‘super-weapons’ in Barents and Norwegian Seas

    The Russian military has begun exercises to test submarine systems and weapons in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Northern Fleet.

    Crews of several ships, including the fourth generation, are taking part in the exercises, which will last for several days and will take place at submarines maximum diving depths of more than 500 meters.

    The exercises will include Yasen-class nuclear submarines, which will be equipped with hypersonic Zircon missiles, …

  • Russian National Defense Management Center: Northern Fleet monitors French frigate in the Barents Sea

    The Northern Fleet began to monitor the actions of the French frigate Aquitaine, which entered the Barents Sea, TASS reported, citing the Russian National Defense Management Center.

    "The forces and facilities of the Northern Fleet have begun to monitor the actions of the French Navy Frigate Aquitaine carrying guided missiles, which entered the Barents Sea on June 5, 2020," the statement reads.

    On May 4, the Russian National Defense Management Center reported that the Russian Northern Fleet …

  • Four U.S. Navy ships enter Barents Sea for first time in decades

    Four U.S. Navy ships entered the Barents Sea for the first time in decades as part of operations aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation in the Arctic Circle.

    “Three Arleigh Burke-class Aegis destroyers USS Donald Cook (DDG 75), USS Porter (DDG 78), USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) are supported by fast combat support ship USNS Supply (T-AOE 6), and joined by the Royal Navy’s HMS Kent (F 78) to assert freedom of navigation and demonstrate seamless integration among allies,” reported the press service of …

  • Investigation of fire in Russian top-secret submersible leads back to Ukraine

    One of the reasons for the incident on Russia’s deepwater military station AS-31 “Losharik” may have been unsuccessful import substitution: since sanctions prevented the use of Ukrainian batteries, Russian-produced components were installed on the submersible, Kommersant reports, citing sources close to the investigation.

    All 10 officers who remained in the vessel to put out the fire were poisoned by combustion byproducts, despite using protective gear. In 40 minutes they had exhausted all …

  • US Air Force carries out reconnaissance flight near Russian borders in the Barents Sea

    On Sunday, October 20, a US Air Force Boeing RC-135U Combat strategic reconnaissance aircraft flew over the international borders of the Barents Sea near Russia’s maritime borders in the Murmansk region, Interfax reports, citing the monitoring data of western aviation resources.

    The aircraft bearing number 64-14849 and call sign LUIGI16 took off from the Mildenhall airbase of the Royal Air Forces of Great Britain. The flight lasted over three hours.

    On Thursday, October 18, a USAF Boeing RC-13 …

  • Russia conducts major strategic nuclear forces exercises

    Russia recently held large-scale drills for its strategic nuclear forces, Interfax reports, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

    During the exercises, the forces fired combat-training submarine-based ballistic missiles, air-based cruise missiles and guided missiles. The missiles were launched from the waters of the Barents and Okhotsky Seas, as well as from long-range aircraft, which took off from the Engels, Ukrainka and Shaykovka airports in the Amur and Kaluga provinces.

    A variety of …