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  • Russia and Belarus unable to agree on oil transit tariff

    Russia and Belarus have concluded their negotiations on the transit of Russian oil through the republic’s territory. The final decision should be made by Belarus in accordance with its competence and within the established time frame, Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS), told the TASS news agency.

    “The negotiations have been concluded. The disagreements have been noted. The final decision should be made by the Belarusian party in accordance with its …

  • Belarus to sign oil supply agreement with Kazakhstan

    Minsk is planning to sign an oil supply agreement with Kazakhstan. The order to begin negotiations with Kazakhstan was given by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA reports, citing the president’s press service.

    The agreement will take the form of trade and economic cooperation regarding oil product deliveries to Belarus.

    Previously Lukashenko approved changes to the country’s natural gas supply agreement with Russia. The Belarusian president’s website published a document titled “ …

  • Directors of all four Belarusian sugar mills arrested

    The directors of all four sugar mills operating in Belarus have stopped coming to work, TUT.BY reports, citing sources.

    The news outlet reports that on January 24, the director of the Gorodeya sugar refinary was removed from an aircraft on which he was about to fly to Munich. On January 27, the Director of the Slutsk Sugar Refinery “flew off on holiday”, the company claims. The head of the Skidzyel Sugar Combine “left for Minsk”, and the director of the Zhabinka Sugar Plant simply stopped …

  • Belarus receives first shipment of Norwegian oil

    The first shipment of Norwegian oil arrived at the Naftan refinery in Belarus on January 26, reports BelTA.

    "59 containers with 3.5 thousand tons of oil have arrived from the port of Klaipeda to Novopolotsk by rail. The entire shipment of oil, 86,000 tons, from Norway, which was delivered by the ship Breiviken, will be transported to the Belarusian plant within two weeks," Naftan's statement reads.

    The contract for the supply of Russian oil to Belarus expired on January 1. The parties failed …

  • Lukashenko: Belarus negotiating oil supplies from the US

    The search for alternative oil supplies is "not a bluff" and not a way to raise the stakes before negotiations with Russia, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, as quoted by BelTA.

    According to Lukashenko, in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he outlined a picture of how Belarus will act if the Russian side does not change its position. The Belarusian leader listed options for alternative oil supply to the country. According to him, it is the supply of Norwegian …

  • Belarus to cut back Russian oil imports by half

    Belarus will be reducing its imports of Russian oil by a factor of 2-3, said President Alexander Lukashenko.

    Although there are no 100% alternatives to Russia’s supply at present, Belarusian refineries need to diversify their sources of crude oil, Lukashenko emphasized during a meeting on refinery growth on Tuesday.

    “We need to move towards buying 30-40% of our oil from Russia. 30% we should bring in from the Baltics and 30% through Ukraine – an already tested route,” the Belarusian state …

  • Lukashenko: Belarus to buy 30% of its oil through Ukraine

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus plans to buy 30% of its oil through Ukraine. He made this statement during a meeting about improving the efficiency of oil product exports, BelTA reports.

    “There is currently no alternative for the full amount of Russian oil deliveries. But, as we have agreed, we need to diversify. We need to move towards buying 30-40% of our oil from Russia. 30% we should bring in from the Baltics and 30% through Ukraine – an already tested route. It …

  • Belarus finds alternative to Russian oil

    The Belarusian Oil Company (BNK) has purchased 80,000 tons of oil from Norway, BelTA reports, citing the press service of Belneftekhim, the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry.

    “The Belarusian Oil Company has purchased a batch of Norwegian oil. We’re talking about 80,000 tons. It is intended for refining at Naftan,” stated the press service, as cited by BelTA.

    Naftan is one of the two Belarusian oil refineries situated in the Vitebsk region. It is used to refine oil from Russia, …

  • Belarus reduces by half Russian oil transit to Europe

    Belarus has sharply cut back on its transit of Russian oil to Europe in the wake of disagreements with Moscow regarding the tariffs for transit through the Druzhba pipeline, and several Russian oil companies’ decision to halt deliveries to Belarusian refineries, reports

    As of January 14, the transit volume through the Druzhba pipeline towards Poland has been halved to 70,000 tons per day, GomelTransNeft, the Belarusian pipeline operator, told Interfax.

    “Between January 14 and 17 …

  • Belarus seeks alternative to Russian oil

    Belarus has sent offers to purchase oil to enterprises in Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, said Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Krutoy, as cited by Belta. According to him, the commercial services of the Belarusian Oil Company’s plants are involved in daily negotiations regarding possible oil deliveries.

    Latvia has already said that it is willing to participate in reverse oil deliveries to Belarus, said Latvian Ambassador to Minsk Einars Semanis ahead of a …