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  • Russian Defence Minister's niece condemns attack on Kyiv children hospital in emotional plea: 'Think about what you are doing!'

    After the Russian attack on the oncology ward of the "Okhmatdet" children's hospital in Kyiv, the Russian Defence Minister Andrey Belousov's niece, Natalia Vertinskaya, residing in the US, made a public appeal.

    "Dear Uncle Andrey, yesterday Russian military launched 38 missiles on Kyiv. Eight of them hit residential buildings, kindergartens, business centres, and entrances. One missile destroyed Ukraine's largest children's hospital. This hospital is in the Solomenskyi district—an area where I …

  • Leaked documents reveal cozy ties between Russia's new Defence Minister and Wagner Group founder

    Newly appointed Russian Defence Minister Andrei Belousov has held meetings with the founder of the Wagner Group, a designated terrorist organisation, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and has been overseeing his activities, according to a report by the Dossier Center.

    An anonymous source revealed to journalists that "Belousov and Prigozhin were often seen sitting closely together, addressing each other informally—'Zhenya' and such. Their work meetings resembled family gatherings over tea—casually discussing …

  • Putin reshuffles top Russian defense and security positions, nominates Andrey Belousov as Defense Minister

    Vladimir Putin has submitted to the Federation Council the nomination of Andrey Belousov for the post of Defense Minister, replacing Sergey Shoygu. Prior to this, Belousov served as the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government.

    Additionally, Putin dismissed Nikolay Patrushev from the role of Secretary of the Security Council, citing his transition to another position. Shoygu will take over Patrushev’s former duties, as reported by TASS.

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov …