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  • Czech Republic crowd funds purchase of T-72 tank for Ukraine

    Czech citizens have crowd funded the purchase of a modernized T-72 tank to be given to the Ukrainian military.

    According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Yevhen Perebynis, the Czech Republic is the first country to crowd fund the purchase of a tank.

    “The Czech Republic became the first country where ordinary people bought a tank for @DefenceU - a modernized T-72 AVANGER. It was given the name Tomas (on the left in the photo). More than 11,000 people collected 33 million …

  • Czech President demands that Russia be disconnected from SWIFT

    Czech President Milos Zeman condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for the introduction of tough anti-Russian sanctions, including the disconnection of Russian banks from the international payment system SWIFT.

    "With these actions , Russia is committing crimes against humanity," Zeman said  in a televised address. “The irrational decision of the leadership of the Russian Federation will cause significant damage to Russia itself. I think that the time has come to start tougher …

  • Czech Republic is ready to provide weapons to Ukraine

    The new government of the Czech Republic expressed its readiness to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons amid the growing threat of Russian aggression, reported the Czech newspaper Hospodarske noviny.

    Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová said that there is a consensus regarding Ukraine in the current government coalition, consisting of five parties.

    "I talk a lot with Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky, and we have similar views regarding assistance to Ukraine coincide," she said. …

  • Canada and Czech Republic strengthen military support for Ukraine

    Two more countries have resolutely sided with Ukraine in defending its territorial integrity amid ongoing buildup of Russian troops along its borders.

    Canadian and Czech authorities have announced that are increasing military cooperation with Kyiv as Russia.

    Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly did not rule out the possibility of her country sending weapons to Ukraine but did not provide any details about it.

    "The most important thing right now is really to work with Ukrainians to deal …

  • Czech Republic demands compensation from Russia for ammunition warehouse explosions

    The Czech Republic demanded that Russia pay compensation for damages caused by explosions at ammunition depots in Vrbetice in 2014, reported the Czech Foreign Ministry.

    Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Martin Smolek gave the Russian Ambassador to Prague, Aleksandr Zmeyevsky, a note, which speaks about the international responsibility of the Russian Federation and the demand to fully compensate for the damage caused by the explosions in Vrbetica.

    According to the news outlet Idnes. …

  • Russia rejects possibility of paying Czech Republic compensation for Vrbetica explosions

    Russia will not pay any compensation to the Czech Republic for alleged involvement in the explosions at warehouses in Vrbetice, Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs, told TASS .

    "Any demands by the Czech Republic for compensation for the far-fetched involvement of the Russian special services in the explosions at warehouses in Vrbetice are absurd," he said.

    According to Slutsky, Prague should forward such demands to its "Washington bosses who are …

  • Czech Republic to demand at least $48 million from Russia in compensation for explosions at ammunition depot

    The Czech Republic will demand at least $48 million in compensation from Russia for the explosions at warehouses in Vrbetica, the country's finance minister, Alena Schillerova, said on Czech television.

    She noted that Prague is going to recover the funds "in accordance with international law."

    "If we go through, for example, with criminal proceedings to be compensated for damages , it will take a very long time," Schillerova explained.

    Earlier, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced the …

  • Russia considers restricting imports of Czech beer amid diplomatic war with Prague

    The Russian authorities can respond to the expulsion from Prague of Russian diplomats by restricting the import of Czech-made products, in particular beer, reported Kommersant, citing two sources in the Russian government.

    According to one of them, such economic sanctions are seen as a necessity, as "it is impossible to leave unanswered Prague’s unprecedented aggressive actions, to which it is not possible to react in kind".

    The restrictions can affect any of the industries, but Kommersant's …

  • Slovakia expels three Russian diplomats

    Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger, during a speech by Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď and Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok, announced the expulsion of three Russian diplomats,  reported TA 3.

    Heger noted that before making the decision to expel Russian diplomats, the Slovak government carefully studied the information of the special services of Slovakia. The Prime Minister specified that the Slovak Republic is interested in building relations with Russia based on mutual respect.

    "At the same time, …

  • Czech Republic to expel 70 more Russian Embassy employees

    The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Prague was going to reduce the number of employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague to match the size of the Czech diplomatic mission in Moscow, said the Ministry’s representatives at a press conference.

    Twenty-two Russian diplomats and 48 embassy staff will be expelled from the Czech Republic. Thus, the number of the Russian diplomatic mission will be equal to the Czech: 5 diplomats and 9 administrative personnel.

    The decision was taken by …