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  • Dagestan announces return of military police battalion from Syria

    A battalion of military police from the Buynaksk Motor Rifle Brigade, previously stationed in Syria, will soon return to the Dagestan village of Botlikh, as announced by acting head of the Dagestan Republic Vladimir Vasilyev during a meeting in Makhachkala, RIA Dagestan reports.

    He urged the local authorities to ensure that all the necessary conditions are created for the arriving soldiers. Vasilyev did not mention a specific date when the battalion would arrive from Syria, but he did say that …

  • Police in Dagestan Block Rally in Support Of Putin and Kadyrov

    On January 24th, police in Dagestan blocked an attempted demonstration rally by followers of Sagid Murtalzaliev, who was declared wanted in connection with terrorism. One of the organizers, Ahmed Pasha Amirilaev, reported in his interview with Ekho Moskvii that the police had stopped people who supported Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. Amirilaev did not confirm information that police officers tore up posters of Putin and Kadyrov.

    The …