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  • Denmark greenlights use of donated F-16s for Ukrainian strikes against targets in Russia

    Denmark has become the 12th nation in the world to allow Ukraine to use its weaponry to hit targets in the territory of Russia, following a statement from Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

    "This is not a new position; it is part of the transfer. When we discussed this with our Foreign Affairs Committee in the Danish Parliament, we made it clear from the outset that this is part of self-defence, allowing strikes on military assets within the aggressor’s territory," said Rasmussen.

    When …

  • Denmark to transfer entire artillery arsenal to Ukraine

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that the Danish government intends to transfer the country's entire artillery arsenal to Ukraine. During her address at the 7th Ukrainian Lunch in Munich, she emphasized the significance of such support and called on other European nations to likewise provide Ukraine with any unused military equipment.

    "European leaders often speak of problems with arms production, citing them as reasons preventing the increase of aid deliveries to Ukraine. …

  • Russian Ambassador to Denmark: supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine is an escalation of war

    Russia views the supply of Danish F-16 fighters to Ukraine as an "escalation" of the war, said the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin. "Denmark, under the pretext that Ukraine should determine its own peace terms, is effectively forcing Ukraine to continue the military confrontation with Russia. This stance pushes Ukraine into a dangerous situation, endangering its population," stated the ambassador. The Russian ambassador also said that the objectives of a full-scale war against …

  • Denmark to provide 19 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

    During a joint press conference between Ukrainian President Zelensky and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, it was announced that Denmark will transfer 19 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, as reported by RBC-Ukraine.

    Zelensky and Frederiksen had the opportunity to inspect one of the planes at the Skrydstrup airbase and even sat together in the cockpit. The transfer of the aircraft will take place once Ukrainian pilots have completed their training.

    It was reported earlier that the Netherlands …

  • Russia to stop supplying gas to Denmark

    The Danish energy company Ørsted will stop receiving Russian gas, as it did not agree to the demands of the Russian gas conglomerate Gazprom to make payments in rubles.

    "Ørsted lost access to gas supplies from the Russian Federation. Gazprom's subsidiary Gazprom Export, which sells gas to European countries, announced the termination of supplies to Denmark from June 1. As of the end of May 31 (the payment deadline stipulated by the contract), Gazprom Export had not received payment from Ørsted …

  • Denmark offers to send Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

    Denmark plans to send Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a launcher to Ukraine to help supply Kyiv with advanced weapons to attack Russia’s naval blockade in the Black Sea. This could potentially allow for the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea.

    Kyiv has been seeking more advanced weapons to help the Ukrainian military in its war against Russia, including air defense systems, anti-ship missiles and longer-range rockets. Thus far, the vast majority of foreign had has been short- …

  • Denmark sending armored personnel vehicles and heavy mortars to Ukraine

    Denmark will send to Ukraine armored personnel carriers and heavy mortars, reported the Danish news website OLFI.

    According to OLFI, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive 25 Piranha 3 III C 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle.

    Piranha is an armored personnel carrier developed by the Swiss company MOWAG. The Danish army is currently being re-equipped with the Piranha V APC.

    Ukraine will also receive from Denmark 50 M113 fully tracked armored personnel carriers and M10 heavy mortars along with …

  • Russian nuclear submarine breaks down in Baltic Sea

    There was an accident on the Russian nuclear submarine K-266 Orel, reports the Danish Navy press service on its Facebook Page.

    The submarine, which was built in the late 1980s, is equipped with two nuclear reactors and belongs to the same class as the Kursk submarine sunk in 2000.

    According to the Danish Navy, the submarine stalled in the Baltic Sea near Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, and was unable to move due to possible problems with the propulsion system.

    The incident occurred on …

  • Russia resumes construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    The Russian pipelay crane vessel Fortuna resumed construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Danish waters, reported TASS, citing the press service of Nord Stream 2 AG.

    "The Fortuna has begun work on Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Danish waters. The work is carried out in accordance with the agreements," the company said.

    The Fortuna has been in the Nord Stream 2 construction zone, south of Bornholm Island, since January 22.

    The Danish Maritime Authority reported that, along with the …

  • Denmark calls for new discussion on Nord Stream 2

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has proposed a new discussion on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline after the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, reported the Danish TV and Radio Corporation DR.

    "I've been against North Stream 2 all along. I believe that we should not become dependent on Russian gas. It would be nice if we could start a new discussion on this issue," Frederiksen said.

    She welcomed the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now more critical of …