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  • Russian court seizes Deutsche Bank's assets amid legal dispute over EU sanctions compliance

    Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has seized assets, accounts, and securities of Deutsche Bank and its subsidiaries in Russia, amounting to €238.61 million, following a claim by Ruskhimalyans.

    Ruskhimalyans, a company established by Gazprom and Rusgazdobycha, operates the gas processing and liquefaction project in Ust-Luga. Deutsche Bank served as one of the guarantors for the Ruskhimalyans contract alongside Turkish Renaissance Heavy Industries and German Linde for …

  • Ukraine receives €529 million loan under World Bank’s guarantee

    On February 28, Ukraine obtained a loan of 529 million euro from Deutsche Bank under the World Bank’s guarantee for supporting the state policy on economic growth, reported the Ukrainian Finance Ministry.

    The loan comes in two tranches. Tranche A in the amount of 240 million euro matures in 4 years and Tranche B in the amount of 289 million euro matures in 10 years. The second part of an existing guarantee for the whole amount of 750 million dollars was used for this loan.

    Ukraine obtained …

  • Russia loses $2.2 billion through yuan investments

    The Bank of Russia continues to lose foreign currency reserves as a result of its operations on the international currency market, reports.

    After the unsuccessful conversion of euros into dollars in 2017, which led to a loss of $4.5 billion, the Central Bank of Russia decided to invest a record amount in the Chinese yuan, and once again made losses in the billions on exchange rate differences.

    By the start of April, the proportion of the Chinese currency in Russia’s foreign currency …

  • Deutsche Bank threatens to break ties with Russia

    On June 27, the London division of Deutsche Bank sent a letter to the Russian government, threatening to cut business ties unless it is provided with up-to-date information about clients, Vedomosti reports.

    The letter says that Deutsche Bank is analyzing the services rendered to the Russian government and the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents in its possession. KYC is the process of identifying and collecting information on a client in order to prevent money laundering and the financing of …