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  • One fifth of Russian Olympic athletes will not be allowed to participate in Rio games

    According to the calculations of the R-Sport agency, more than 80 Russian athletes have been disqualified from the Rio Olympics.

    Based on the results of the weightlifting world championships in 2014 and 2015, the Russian team won the maximum number of Olympic tickets. There were 10 spots in total, of which six were for men and four were for women. However, the executive board of the International Weightlifting Federation (the IWF) deprived Russia of two of the quotas, one male and one female, …

  • German director may be denied entry into Russia over film about doping

    German journalist Hajo Seppelt, director of a film about doping in Russian track and field athletics, may lose the right to enter Russia if he does not execute the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow, according to which he has to compensate the All-Russia Athletic Federation (ARAF) for a lost lawsuit. This was reported to TASS by lawyer Artem Patsev, who represented ARAF at the trial.

    Last year, on December 16th, Moscow's Basmanny District Court found that the German television …

  • The FBI is investigating links between U.S. banks and the doping scandal in Russia

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has uncovered a probable link between American banks and the Russian doping scandal. The investigation is looking into such crimes as money laundering, bribery and conspiracy.

    The FBI is investigating the probable involvement of U.S. banks in the Russian athlete doping scandal, according to CBS News, citing a source close to the investigation. "According to a person familiar with the investigation, the FBI is trying to find out if there is any U.S. …

  • German Athletic Associaion calls for banning Russia from participating in summer Olympics

    German sports functionaries have called for Russia be barred from participating in the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in connection with the expanding scandal around the use of doping in Russian sports, DW reports.

    "This is a very serious accusation. If stimulants are used in Russia so systematically, then the Russian team shouldn't go to the summer games in Rio,” said Clemens Prokop, the president of the German Athletics Association.

    The CEO of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, …