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  • Media: New Russian private military company may be behind killing of Russian journalists in Central Africa

    The highly publicized murder of Russian investigative journalists in the Central African Republic may be directly connected to the recently founded Patriot private military company (PMC) which operates in the country,reported the Dozhd TV channel, citing its own sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, a mercenary from the Patriot PMC, and an veteran intelligence officer acquainted with a Patriot fighter.

    All of the sources believe that the murder was motivated by the research which Orkhan …

  • Why Ukraine has banned Russia's most liberal TV channel, Dozhd

    On January 12th the Ukrainian National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting has required Ukrainian providers to stop broadcasting the Russian television channel Dozhd. What has caused this reaction, and why many were surprised by the reaction of the Russian authorities, who are not very friendly towards the TV channel?

    Why was Dozhd banned

    The National Council cited two reasons for the ban on broadcasting – their non-recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine (they show the …

  • Ukraine has banned Russia's TV channel 'Dozhd'

    Ukraine's National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting has obliged Ukrainian providers to stop relaying Russian television channel Rain (Dozhd) within a month due to the station’s non-recognition of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and its translation of Russian commercials.

    "In particular, on a live broadcast of this TV channel, the administrative border between the Kherson region and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was portrayed as a border between Ukraine and …